15% off session fees for all military families.

For all sessions (except the mini) there are no restrictions to time or clothing. We leave plenty of time for sessions, and you can change clothing and backdrops. We can photograph children together and apart – with parents and without parents.  We thank you for trusting us with your child’s first year, and look forward to many years ahead.

The Baby Plan 

The Baby Plan was created to capture the early stages of the first year (Newborn, 3 month, 6 month, etc.). But with this plan you are able to use your sessions any time within 5 years. During your child’s first year you will have the opportunity to not only capture your favorite milestones, but the relationship within your family as well. Moms and Dads are welcome to participate in any of the sessions over the years, as well as including siblings along the way too.

You can choose to use your sessions at any time over the next 5 years. Our plans were designed to give you the flexibility using your paid sessions.

Payment for the plan is due at the first session.
Includes 15% off a la carte print orders and one free session at end of year

Maternity/First Year………………………$950.00
{Includes 6 sessions and $300 print credit}

Newborn/First Year……………………….$800.00
{Includes 5 sessions and $250 print credit}

First Year……………………………………$600.00
{Includes 4 sessions and $200 print credit}

Print credits are distributed at $50 per session.

Wedding Rates

If you’re looking to get the best package and a great price, you’ve come to the right place. We rock out photo-booths, engagement sessions, dual shooters, unlimited coverage, hi-resolution USB Flash drives, and tons of other perks that can be handcrafted into your perfect package.

Included with Every Wedding:

  • Meet & Greet Engagement Session – Perfect your style during your 1hr session w/ your Photographer
  • Finished Collection – 300 to 400 retouched and enhanced images telling your unabridged wedding story
  • Signature Book – 20 to 30 images presented in your complimentary Signature Book and Slideshow
  • On-line hosting of Signature Book Slideshow and Finished Collection
  • High-resolution DVD-roms of your Finished, Signature, and ALL original images with full rights to reprint

Single Photographer Coverage: $1595

8 hours of unlimited coverage by a Master Photographer

Standard 2 Photographer Coverage: $2095

8 hours of unlimited coverage by a Master Photographer, plus a Photojournalist (4 hours). Two perspectives during the most important moments such as Bride’s and Groom’s preparations. 50% more images!

Complete full Day 2 Photographer Coverage: $2495

8 hours of unlimited coverage by a  Master Photographer, plus a full-day Photojournalist (8 hours). Two perspectives throughout all of the day’s precious moments, such as preparations, setup, and guest shots. Double the number of images to tell your complete wedding story!

Obviously, there are all kinds of options in between as well as other things I haven’t even mentioned, and if none of my packages fit you, well, I’ll just create one for you!

So why does custom photography cost more you ask? Take a look at this link for a little bit of insight as to what your money is buying you and why you are making the right choice in investing into Photography By Elizabeth Ann Images!

Please contact me via email at to book your session or to receive an image price-list on images larger than 8 x 10.

-Elizabeth Ann


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